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Pain Medicine

Pain medicine or Pain clinics as we ussually know them has as a main goal the study and diagnosis of pain specifically chronic pain but also deal with acute pain , to be an algologist or a pain phisician in Mexico you must be an anesthesiologist and there get in to a fellow in pain medicine , so we can deal with a variety of patients that suffer either acute or chronic pain an also those that need to be treat in order to acheive good control during their dissease.

As state by the IASP ( International association of the study on pain ) , the pain clinics could be either a hospital or outside based clinic,, where the main goal is to stablish the diagnosis and recieve proper treatment, the clinics normally have and area for patients consultations and area for interventional procedures.

We offer not just releif in the symptoms , but also we can provide counseling, psicological interventions, paliative care , and other services for the patients, we recieve or keep track of patients from many areas , also we are in continuious contact with other medical specialties such as orthopedic surgeons, oncologist , internalmedicine,pediatricians, OBGYN, phiscial therapy , an many others , in that way we can help the patients in their referrals or assist the physcians in theri desition to refferd a patient to the clinic.

Dr. Andrés Medina

Diploma in Hyperbaric Medicine Physician.

I graduate I advanced in Hyperbaric Oxygen.

I Advanced Diploma in Intensive Care Hyperbaric Medicine.

Made in Hyperbaric Medicine Service Hospital Angeles Pedregal- Mexico DF, UNAM.

Surgeon , School of Medicine,

Autonomous University of Yucatan, Professional Certificate : 2786856

Elective rotations in Neurology and Pediatrics May- June 1997 Tulane

University Medical School, New Orleans , LA.

Algology ( Pain Clinic )
Yield : CPAEM -UNAM CMN 20 de Noviembre , ISSSTE, Mexico City.

Specialization Course in Anesthesiology .
Yield : Dr. General Hospital ” Manuel Gea Gonzalez ” Mexico DF. UNAM ,
Specialist Professional Certificate : 5132203
Certification of the Mexican Council of Anesthesiology No. 6701


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